Commercial Fencing Solutions

Your success is our success, and we’re committed to contributing to your business’s security. Our commercial fencing solutions are designed to create a safe and visually appealing environment, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Commercial Fencing Solutions

At Ocala Fence, we understand that the right fencing can make all the difference for your commercial property. As a business owner or manager, you have a lot of responsibilities, and one of the most crucial is ensuring the safety and security of your assets. Ocala Fence will provide you with a top-quality fence, on time and within budget.

We tailor our top-tier commercial fencing solutions to your business’s unique needs. We have the experience to create the right solution for you, including custom fencing and gate solutions to secure your property.

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Commercial Fencing Options

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are an excellent choice for businesses looking to combine elegance with endurance. These tough, low-maintenance, durable fences are great options for parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and other public spaces where you want to protect and guide people with an aesthetically pleasing option.

Wood Fences

Wood fences offer some of the best customization options in design, size, wood types, and finish. This means they are great options almost anywhere! Wood tolerates Florida heat well, making it a smart choice for farms, ranches, equestrian facilities, and schools where children and animals may touch it. In areas like orchards and vineyards, wood complements the natural beauty of the area and will add security without looking like it.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum offers an ideal blend of design, durability, and visibility. Aluminum fences are a smart option for public settings where it functions as a fence and handrail. Retail stores, restaurants, water parks, and more will value the adaptability of aluminum fencing

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences offer the perfect combination of safety and durability when you need to secure a property on a budget. They define boundaries while maintaining visibility, making them appropriate options for construction sites, airports, manufacturing facilities, industrial parks, and parking lots.They’re also great for tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and other sports facilities.

Gate Automation and Entryways

Sometimes fences are not enough! When you need to meet specific requirements, we can create custom options with secured entryways and gate automation. Whether you manage government property, airports, or other secure facilities that need a higher level of security for personnel, we offer fencing solutions designed to meet your standards.

Commercial Fence Uses

We develop robust, effective fences for:


Construction sites


Golf courses


Manufacturing plants

Government properties


Who We Work With

At Ocala Fence, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we expect the same from our partners! We work directly with top manufacturers to get the best products at the best prices so we can make sure you can get your project done.

Why Choose Us

Our team has decades of experience in the fencing industry. We know the ins and outs of what makes an effective fence. You will be working with our employees from start to finish. We help you to select the right material for the job and the best design, and then our team will come out to professionally install the fence. We have the machinery and experienced team to take on the most difficult jobs and help innovate your security system.

Financing Options

Your assets are the most important thing to your business. It is crucial that you can afford to protect your staff, customers, and property. That’s why we offer financing options to make sure that you can always afford to protect what matters most to your business. Click the button below to learn about our financing options.