How to Build Your DIY Fence

Are you planning to build your fence? Our DIY fence kit will help you turn your vision into reality!

Materials You’ll Need

For your new DIY fence, you can break down everything you need into a few simple parts. Make sure you have your:
Remember to plan and measure your fence line ahead of time. Planning ahead will help you determine exactly how many panels and posts you need.

How to Install a Vinyl Fence

You will need a few tools to install your new fence:

Follow these instructions:

  1. Use your hammer to pound the stake into the ground.
  2. Tie your string lines from one stake to the next, ensuring they are tight.
  3. Dig your first post hole. You want the holes to be large and deep enough to fit the base of the post.
  4. Fill the holes and cover the post with concrete, making sure the post stays level.
  5. Measure your panels to find where the next post needs to be.
  6. Once you have your posts in, connect the base rail of the panel at the bottom of each post.
  7. Build your panel by connecting each picket to the bottom rail.
  8. Once every picket is placed, attach the top rail to your pickets.
  9. Do one final check to ensure it is level, and you will have completed your first section of the fence!
  10. Repeat these instructions for each section of fence you need.

DIY Fence Order Prep Sheet

Our free DIY Fence Order Prep Sheet will help you make sure you get the right amount of materials for your DIY fence. The diagrams show you exactly how your fence will fit together and what materials you will need.

Remember to check your measurements with the exact dimensions of the kit components. Take notes on the sheet so you can keep track of how many items of each kit piece you’ll need.

DIY Fence Order Prep Sheet

Our DIY Fence Kits are returnable for 30 calendar days after the purchase date. The kit must be unopened and sealed in its original packaging. You must provide a sales receipt or order number to receive a refund.
All products and parts must be included in the kit. If the packaging seal is broken, the product cannot be returned. Any damaged material may be exchanged for the exact product on a case-by-case basis.
Ocala Fence is not responsible for any measuring errors, final quantities ordered, or take-offs. Please review your material list in full before submitting your order.