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Ocala Fence is a family-owned company serving Florida’s residential and commercial fencing needs. We understand that your property is not just a place; it’s an investment, a sanctuary, and a reflection of your personal and professional style.

With over 20 years in the fencing industry, Ocala Fence has become synonymous with masterful craftsmanship and unbeatable quality. Our expert team of fencing professionals takes pride in designing, building, and installing fences that stand the test of time.

We are your go-to choice for all your residential, commercial, and custom fencing needs in the Sunshine State.

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Your Trusted Partner for Residential and Commercial Citrus County Fencing Solutions

Our fencing solutions are tailor-made to meet your unique needs, offering a perfect blend of security, privacy, and style for your property. You can depend on our full-service fencing team for repairs, installation, and custom options.

Residential Fencing

We know that a well-crafted fence can transform your space, offering security, privacy, and a touch of elegance that makes a house feel like home. Our residential fencing solutions are designed to enhance the security, privacy, and aesthetics of your property.

Commercial Fencing

You’re invested in the safety and security of your business, and so are we. From securing your business premises to enhancing its curb appeal, our expert team ensures that your commercial fencing serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Entryways and Gates

Our team specializes in creating entryways that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. From decorative gates to modern, minimalistic designs, sliding gates, or swinging gates, our automation solutions provide effortless access to your property. Simply push a button, use a remote control, or manage access through a smartphone app for easy, effective security.

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Citrus County Commercial Fencing Solutions


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We offer a variety of styles and materials to give you safety and style on your budget.


Vinyl fencing is a smart and classic option in Florida. Florida’s intense sunshine, humidity, and storms can take a toll on traditional fencing materials. Vinyl is designed to resist these environmental factors. It won’t warp, fade, or rot, making it a long-lasting choice that requires minimal maintenance.


Because they resist heat absorption, wood fences can be a great option if you have children or pets. Metal fences can become unbearably hot to the touch, while wood remains relatively cool. A wooden fence gives you privacy in your yard while your dog enjoys being outside too!


Aluminum fences offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements contemporary architectural styles. This resilient material comes in a variety of heights and designs. An aluminum fence elevates your property’s visual appeal while offering security and functionality.


Chain-link fences are built to withstand heat, humidity, and storms that can damage some fences. They are naturally rust-resistant and strong. Plus, chain-link fences have minimal installation time. They’re proven, effective choices for protection and defining property boundaries without interrupting a great view.

Our trusted work and reliable service have satisfied customers for over 20 years.

If your property needs a beautiful boundary — for privacy or safety or so the kids and animals can roam free, you need a fence. But not just any fence will do. You need something that perfectly suits your needs, your style, and your budget. That’s where we come in.

We stand behind our work and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We work directly with manufacturers to get the highest quality and widest variety of materials — at a price you can afford. And we follow industry best practices so we can provide top-quality results.

At Ocala Fence, we don’t contract services out to other companies. It is our team working on your property for every job. Our crew is insured and experienced — trusted professionals who are ready to take on any project, from the largest commercial property to the smallest backyard. And we will complete the task on time, every time.

Ocala Fence Services Citrus County and Surrounding Areas

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we expect the same from our partners. We work directly with top manufacturers to get the best products at the best prices so we can make sure you can get your project done.

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Our team has decades of experience in the local fencing industry. You will work with our employees from start to finish. We help you select the right material for the job and the best design, and then our team will professionally install the fence.

Financing Options

Your assets are the most important thing to your business. It’s crucial that you can afford to protect your staff, customers, and property. That’s why we offer financing options to make sure you can protect what matters most to your business.

Financing Options for Your New Fencing

Pricing should never prohibit you from feeling safe and secure in your space. That’s why we offer financing options to make sure that you can always afford to protect your home and family. Click the button below to learn about our financing options.